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  • Top 5 habits of a great driver

    Many drivers would like to improve the skills they have as a driver, so Phoenix Driving your local driving school in Cirencester and Cheltenham have decided to share a few driving tips that will improve any driver from the learner driver to the more experienced motorist.

    Top tip number one

    Look well ahead

    Sounds simple but most drivers do not do it, you should not rest your eyes on the car in front, try looking far ahead, the sooner you see any problems the easier they will be to deal with, next time you are driving make an effort to do this.

    Top tip number two

    Move your eyes

    This means as well as looking far ahead you should also be looking at the middle ground and near ground, also using your mirrors in good time and at the correct time, you should always know what is happening around your vehicle at all times, many accidents that happen are because of people not seeing or reacting correctly to things around them.

    Top tip number three

    Spot the problems

    If a driver is doing the first two habits then you they will find spotting problems will be a simple process, try to be proactive, if driving passed a industrial estate at 3.55, think about what you may encounter, driving passed a school at 3.30, what hazards might you expect to see ?

    Top tip number four

    Keep space

    You may be thinking that keeping space, is something that all drivers do, well just take a moment to have a think about when you stop your car in a line of traffic, how much room do you leave the car in front, a good tip is that when you stop you should be able to see the bottom of the tyres and a little bit of road - rubber on road.

    Top tip number five

    Be seen

    Making sure that your vehicle is noticed by other road users is very important in keeping you and others safe, the timing of indication will help others know what you intend to do, and remember indication includes road positioning, your speed may also give a signal to others, using your lights when necessary will help others see you, as well as using eye contact, arm signals and horn use.

    The 5 habits are an important aid, in developing a driver and many driver trainers will include these habits into the training of the pupils they teach.

    Driving is a skill that is important factor in most peoples lives, many people drive every day so if we all started using the 5 habits we would all be safer, more fuel efficient, more skilled drivers.

    Why not invest in your driving ?

    Get some professional guidance on how you could improve your driving, this will save you money, and you will become a more skilled, safer driver so you have less chance of being involved in a collision.



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