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  • How to choose a driving instructor

    Phoenix Driving - Your local driving school in Cirencester and Cheltenham have come up with some top tips on how best to choose a driving instructor, if you have any advice to add please comment below !

    Ask friends and family who they used, most good driving instructors will get a lot of work from word of mouth.

    Okay, so now you probably have a list of driving schools, you may have looked at a few of the instructors websites, and that may have helped to make the list smaller so now you need to get on the phone and ask a few important questions, this will help you get that list smaller still.

    Questions to ask

    1 Are you able to fit me in ?

    If the instructor/school does not cover your area, or they can't do the times you are free, then that's one to cross off the list.

    2 Are you fully qualified ?

    A qualified instructor will display a green badge in the window, if they are a trainee (pink badge), they are new and have passes 2 of the three examines, a pink badge instructor may be just as good as a green, but you need to know, as if they do not pass the third examination, they can no longer teach, and you will need to find another instructor.

    3 Can you pick me up from school/work/home etc.... Can you drop me at school/work/home ?

    4 What car do you use ?

    You may not know very much about cars, but if you are 6 .7" then you may not want to learn in a very small car.

    5 Will you be able to help me with the theory test ?

    Amazingly some driving instructors see the theory test as something the learner will do without help from the instructor, a good instructor will help you.

    6 Will I be the only learner in the car ?

    Some driving school use a method called '"Piggybacking" this is when you are not the only learner in the car, your instructor may pick up there next lesson whilst you are driving. Most driving school do not do this but worth asking.

    7 Can I have a Male/Female instructor ?

    Some people would prefer to learn with a male/female, does the driving school have male and female instructors ?

    8 Will I have the same instructor every lessons ?

    9 Are you a member of any profesional organizations ie DIA MSA ?

    A driving instructor who is a member of some of the instructor associations may be more up to date, on the industries latest developments.

    10 Can you offer any recent testimonials from students ?

    Many good driving instructors will have testimonials on there website or facebook page. Learning to drive should be fun, good instructors will try to make each lessons enjoyable.

    11 How many pupils have you taken to test this year, and how many passed ?

    And now the question that many people ask as the first question -

    12 How much do you charge ?

    This question should only be asked if you are happy to go ahead and book in, many people ask this as the only question, so they risk having a bad instructor who is cheap, as that is the only way they can get work.

    Remember a good driving instructor will charge a resonable fee, if a driving instructor quotes a very low fee ask yourself, and them why, a good instructor may charge a little more, but they may be able to get you to a good standard of driving in less lessons.

    The driving instructor that you use is very important, as they will be responsable for making sure that you not only pass the driving test, but more importantly that you become a safe confedent skilled driver, for the rest of your life, and remember if you are not happy with the person teaching you then you should change instructors.

    Most driving instructors have a real passion for driving and teaching so if you choose a good instructor then learning to drive will be a fun process that you will enjoy !

    The team at Phoenix Driving wish you all the best in your learning


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